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Blood Runs Cold (HOG Mobile Game) - Media Museum

This is one of the many scenes that we created for the mobile game - Blood Runs Cold by Bigpoint.
In this project I was responsible for the Art direction and the Concept design of the scenes / environments.
All the Scenes were visually designed by my colleauge Patrick Bandau ( and myself.
It was a lot of fun to work on this project. I hope you guys like it and check out the game.
At the moment Blood Runs Cold is live a Canada and U.K. (More countries to come soon.)
Big credits Stephan Schattman and the vendor Virginlands for the great 3D work.
For the great character art of the game check out :

Timo peter brc scene 11 timopeter

Final Scene

Timo peter media muesum sketch 04

3D Concept / Camera angle test

Timo peter modern art callout

Artwork - call out

Timo peter modern art variations

Artwork Concepts